Document Management

Learn how to retain, share and implement the knowledge your organisation needs to be productive and successful. Simply.


Instantly access and share files

Colibo lets you share your content and files easily and quickly from whichever device you prefer. Colibo keeps your files secure and accessible to the entire organisation.

Use Colibo Connect to synchronize and access your files when offline to make sure you always have the latest versions of your documents available.

Colibo - Social Intranet

Gather all documents in one place

Documents are safely stored on the intranet, and you define your own structure for the folders and pages, so that it makes sense for you and your workday. You can upload, write and edit pages directly on the intranet. Colleagues can even provide you with feedback via the system - without having to download the document and then re-uploading it again. Documents are handled in one streamlined process, all in one system; the intranet.


Eliminate email overuse

Documents are stored easily and securely on the intranet. You create and define the structure of the folders and pages that make sense to you. You upload documents or write content pages directly on the intranet. Employees can provide direct feedback via the system - without having to download documents on the computer. With the Colibo intranet, it all happens in a streamlined process.

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Keep track with document version control

Stop spending time searching your inbox to find the most recent version of the document you are looking for. With Colibo's clever version control your team always has access to the latest version of documents and files.

You can set specific roles and responsibilities to your documents to either limit or expand the availability of document versions. The administrator, which is often the creator of the first version of the document, always has the latest version of the document available. The administrator can also roll back to a previous version and see who last edited the document. 


Secure file sharing

Colibo is trusted by government and public organisations to share files and documents securely. Colibo provides the security you need to share files with no worries. We take the security of your data seriously.

Files are stored and protected by IT and not left up to individual employees or departments. Our intranet platform is designed with many users needs in mind and intended for enterprises, rather than simple and unsafe consumer use.

With Colibo's file sharing solution, you secure your corporate files. Remove them from personal desktops, email clients, and USBs where documents can get lost, no one knows which version is the most recent, people can overwrite each other's updates, and sensitive information and files can fall into the wrong hands.

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