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Integrating your own systems with Colibo

Colibo Intranet is based on the intelligent Microsoft .NET technology which means you can integrate your organization's important systems. Whether it is Business Intelligence, Exchange Server or CRM systems, Colibo's intranet gathers all the systems in one place and creates an optimized workflow. This way, you structure and adapt Colibo to become your own tailor-made intranet with access to all the systems and data that fits the needs of your organization.


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Microsoft Active Directory

By integrating Microsoft Active Directory (AD), you can import your current organizational data to the intranet. When changes are made in the AD it synchronizes with your intranet data. It’s easy to load and implement your organizational structure directly on to the intranet

Resource heavy tasks becomes effective and time-efficient with instant overview of your organisation’s department, contacts, and overall structure.

Microsoft Exchange Server

If your organization operates with Microsoft Exchange Server, you can integrate it to the intranet. This means you can link the employees' calendars to the employees' profiles on the intranet. The calendar feature makes coordinating jobs and meetings a simple task.


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Our customers use all sorts of integrations, apps and widgets. Here are a few of them:

  • Facebook
  • Reporting systems
  • News stream
  • Statistics dashboard
  • Hello widget
  • Favorites widget

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Apps and widgets

On top of Colibo’s standard intranet software, you can choose custom-made apps and widgets to amplify your employees’ everyday work life. Ensure continuous process optimisation with applications that optimise your workflow for generating new employee profiles, enable polls and voting, or a simple form generator. To name a few.

Single Sign On

When implementing a new intranet, employee adoption is a key factor. Making it as easy as possible to sign on from every device can make a big difference in adoption rates. 

Whether at the office or on the go, Colibos Single Sign On functionality lets users sign in to the intranet easily and securely using established and proven standards. It can leverage your company’s existing federation solution, such as Microsoft ADFS and Azure Active Directory, to support centralized user management and reduce IT administration costs. 

Other systems can also connect with Colibos Single Sign On functionality and receive employee information from Colibo. This information could even be expanded to include data from multiple external systems, such as Identity Management Systems (IDMs).

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