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We are your social intranet. We enable your organisation to fully collaborate, improve your company culture, and achieve your business goals. Faster...

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Use Colibo as your

Team Collaboration Tool

Work better together with an intranet software that enables team collaboration. Manage projects in digital workgroups, securely share files, and get relevant updates from your personal newsfeed.

Easy and seamless

Integration to Critical Systems

The intranet software is easily and seamlessly integrated with your current business systems. And the security of our trusted and straightforward intranet platform is top of the line.

We are here to help internal communication professionals and IT administrators increase employee engagement, knowledge sharing and productivity

Create a Knowledge Sharing Culture

Building the future digital workplace that retains skilled employees requires a knowledge sharing culture. Together, we transform your business with our simple and easy to use intranet software.

Increase Employee Engagement

Provide your employees with team collaboration tools that are easy to use and combine social collaboration with easy and structured file sharing. The end result is more engaged employees who can easily find the information they are looking for.

Drive Productivity

The success of an intranet is not the amount of time, employees spend using it. Its success depends on the users’ ability to solve their daily tasks in a timely manner. Drive productivity with structured content, personal newsfeed, and workgroups for effective project management.

Seamless Integrations

Bring together people, systems, and information into one centralised digital workplace. Modernise your intranet and take the lead on your organisation’s digital transformation toward better communication and increased productivity.

Quick implementation

Our series of apps and customizations are built to enhance your internal communications experience. The Colibo team of tech experts has your back through set-up and implementation, securing easy adoption and minimal down time.

No. 1 Sharepoint Alternative

Employees want business tools with the look and feel that they are used to from their personal life. Colibo is your social intranet and the number one alternative to Sharepoint’s complex setup. Users will love the easy-to-use features and availability on the go.

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The benefits of our collaboration

Lillian Christensen, Manager, Corporate Communications at Kosan Crisplant

The efficiency has increased significantly since we launched our new intranet. We have gained a comprehensive information portal that is dynamic, easily accessible and saves employees a significant amount of unnecessary work.

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Colibo vs. SharePoint

Get an in-depth look at the differences between SharePoint and Colibo. Learn about the differences between the two systems and why Colibo is the no. 1 alternative to Sharepoint's complex setup.

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Free webinar

The social intranet 2017 – Join us free of charge

Join our experts online to get an introdution to Colibo.
Free webinar

The social intranet 2017 – Join us free of charge

Join our experts online to get an introdution to Colibo.