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Implementing a successful intranet in the public sector

Esbjerg Municipality increases efficiency with their new integrated intranet.

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Collecting the company's tools in one place

As one of Denmark's largest municipalities and having tried multiple options to solve their internal communication challenges over the years, Esbjerg Municipality found itself looking for a new team collaboration tool.

Esbjerg Municipality's employees now enjoy team collaboration through workgroups. The people directory is truly responsive, and opposed to using Google, information is now easily accessible to everyone.

  • 10,000+ employees
  • Municipality
  • Live since June 2016
  • Previous vendor: IntraNote
  • Denmark

Implementing a successful intranet in the public sector

As one of Denmark's largest municipalities with more than 9,000 jobs within the offshore industry, and having tried multiple options to solve their internal communication challenges over the years, Esbjerg Municipality found itself looking for a new team collaboration tool.

How do you get 10,000 employees to successfully switch to a new intranet? While more than 50 % of the employees work away from the office?

At the municipality of Esbjerg, there was a mission to find an intranet solution that could serve as a central digital meeting point for the employees. Various solutions had not had the effect that the municipality was looking for. The Esbjerg Municipality chose Colibo to be the company hub and team collaboration tool they had been searching for. Colibo became the replacement for an former Intranote solution, which had employees using Google to find the information they were looking for.


The energy capital of Denmark

Esbjerg is the 5th largest city in Denmark, and being the energy capital of the country, Esbjerg attracts a long list of jobs within the industry to the municipality. Esbjerg is also the Danish representative in the WECP (World Energy Cities Partnership), a collaboration between the 19 leading energy cities of the world. To successfully service the citizens of the municipality, it is crucial that the internal communication and knowledge sharing is in focus and professionally conducted.

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Ask your employees what they need

The Municipality of Esbjerg gathered a project group to make sure all of the internal stakeholders' needs were met when choosing a new intranet solution. They approached the process by asking a number of employees about their wishes and which needs the new intranet should meet.

A thorough process to find the right solution

Having used some intranet solutions that didn’t fulfil the needs of the municipality, Head of Communications Thomas André Reil and Web Consultant Lisbet Rosendal were looking for a modern intranet solution where employees could be involved, instead of just being spectators. At first, the project group sought advice from colleagues in other municipalities to see which intranet solutions they were using. They saw a variety of possibilities such as SharePoint, Intranote and custom developed systems.

Of the solutions that we saw (Sharepoint, Intranote, and custom built systems), we just didn’t get that ‘aha moment’ that told us that this is the right solution for us - Lisbeth Rosendal, Web Consultant, Municipality of Esbjerg

Therefore, the project group began researching and analysing the market for intranet solutions. With a handful of solutions in play, including Colibo, the municipality of Esbjerg began a process to map out the right fit for the organisation. To find the best and most suitable solution, the project group decided to ask the end users of the intranet what their needs were.

Another concern with the old intranet at the Municipality of Esbjerg was that the employees had a hard time finding information. This was due to a poor search function that had issues locating relevant content.

Our employees are used to Googling everything to find information, and to finding it instantly. This has been a challenge on the old intranet as a lot of old documents appear in the search which makes it almost impossible to find anything - Thomas André Reil, Head of Communication, Municipality of Esbjerg

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Educating employees to create a better intranet

Thanks to a thorough research process, the Municipality of Esbjerg could implement a Colibo intranet solution that was tailor-made for the organisation's needs. This ensured a positive attitude from the employees towards the new system. The municipality chose to educate a group of their employees to make them experts, and their new intranet editors. Colibo facilitated a range of editor workshops to kickstart the process.

It was great to see how the editors quickly gained an understanding of the new intranet during the workshop and made it their intranet. They had a big job to do, moving all of the content from the old intranet, but they took the challenge on with a positive attitude and high energy - Morten Sig Olesen, Head of Implementation, Colibo

Lisbeth Rosendal Esbjerg Kommune

Easy access from mobile devices

Lisbet Rosendal, Web Consultant Esbjerg Municipality

The responsive platform has been an important feature for us. We need our employees to have access to the intranet through smartphones and tablets so we can engage colleagues who do not spend their working day behind a computer.

With the impressive commitment from the newly-educated editors, the employees at the Municipality of Esbjerg now have an intranet solution that suits the distinct needs of the organisation. The employees can now easily find relevant information, thanks to the search function in Colibo. Addtionally, Colibo's intranet solution allows colleagues ‘on the road’ to participate in the knowledge sharing and internal communication with its responsive design and functionality.

The project group managed to find just the right solution. A combination of thorough research, dedication, and employer involvement gave the result they wished for – a social intranet where employees can share knowledge and find information, whether they are sitting behind a computer or are ‘on the road’.


The feedback we get from our users is positive. We have had a great process with the intranet so far, and we have got a gut feeling that tells us that we made the right choice - Lisbet Rosendal, Web Consultant, Municipality of Esbjerg 


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