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A new intranet brings people together

FORS successfully merges three companies with the help of an integrated intranet platform.


When culture eats strategy for breakfast

FORS wanted to build a shared company culture when they merged three companies in three geographical locations. 
FORS employees now enjoy the same introduction to their company, and experience a sense of belonging to the company and culture, despite the merger.
  • 51-200 employees
  • Utility services
  • Live since December 2015
  • Denmark

A new intranet brings people together

When three companies merge into one, building a new organisation is only part of the challenge. To create a successful organization, you have to merge cultures as well. As they say: culture eats strategy. At FORS, they were well-aware of the importance of culture. Keep reading and you will learn how they chose to work proactively to merge the cultures of three companies.

Focus on innovation

FORS is a utility service company put together by the merger of three local utility service companies in Denmark: Roskilde, Holbæk and Lejre. The 190 employees at FORS work hard to make sure that the citizens have access to clean fresh water, effective heating in their homes and much more. FORS is committed to continuously improving and innovating their business and have a clear focus on developing new environmental friendly technologies. When FORS was founded in the merger of three existing companies, Business Consultant Bjørk Hasager Sørensen was given the challenge to find a solution to effectively merge cultures and create a sense of unity.

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Committed to innovating business

Business innovation is critical to most companies today. Using the right collaboration tools can make a huge difference, both in recruiting, onboarding, and retaining a top-talent workforce.

Building a shared company culture

Not only is FORS put together by three companies with different physical addresses, but FORS also has a lot of employees who do not spend much of their working day at an office, behind a computer. FORS, therefore, faced a challenge to create a shared company culture. Bjørk Hasager Sørensen saw the need to unite all employees on a digital platform.


A mobile intranet solution

FORS needed a system that could ensure that all employees could be reached digitally. They found that solution in Colibo. Colibo is a mobile intranet solution that gives you access to the same information and communication as the rest of the organisation, whether you are sitting at your desk at the office or are on the road. With Colibo, FORS implemented the system they needed to bring the company together as one.


Successful employee onboarding

Bjørk Hasager Sørensen, Business Consultant FORS

We need to give our employees a proper introduction to FORS on a joint platform that gives them a sense of being part of something new, even though it’s the same physical workplace as before

Free Word Template

Intranet Business Case Template

Ensure management buy-in
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Birgitte Rost Villumsen
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