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Increasing communication across departments for higher productivity

The Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern increases cross-departmental knowledge sharing.

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Collecting the company's tools in one place

Geographically dispersed offices made it challenging to unite employees and increase the productivity and happiness of a large workforce.
Individual employees can now search, find, and see their co-workers and their competencies, as well as personal interests. Knowledge sharing has increased tremendously.
  • 5,001-10,000 employees
  • Municipality
  • Live since November 2015
  • Denmark

Increasing communication across departments for higher productivity

In larger organisations, where employees don’t know all their colleagues, communication across professional groups can be challenging. This obstacle was also the case at the Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern, where they experienced employees interacting with a limited group of people in their daily work, resulting in inefficient use of collective competencies and know-how.


The largest Municipality in Denmark

The district employs approximately 4,300 people across eight administrative buildings and an extensive list of institutions. The large size of the municipality gives their citizens the benefit of some of the most beautiful and untouched nature, which is a great asset for the Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern. However, the size also creates vast distances between the employees at the municipality, making internal communications challenging. Project manager Jette Rask was asked to find a digital solution that could bring the employees closer together.


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Achieving collective goals

After considering several vendors, the Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern found that Colibo met their needs for a new intranet solution. It was of the utmost importance to unite the organisation digitally and let people communicate freely to achieve their collective goals.




Provide information for people working remotely

Working with people from different educational and professional backgrounds can create great synergies and innovative solutions that will benefit your business or organisation. For this to happen, the organisation must make it possible by creating the right working environments. In the Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern, the largest obstacle for interaction between colleagues was the great physical distances between the different departments.


The size of our organisation means that there is a great distance between our departments. Therefore, we experience a massive challenge when it comes to cross-functional collaboration. We’ve had a hard time reaching our external employees in the different institutions – teachers, daycare workers, and our employees at our nursing homes, etc. At the same time, we had difficulties finding specific employees with certain professional skills and communicating information to employees through our previous intranet. - Jette Rask, Project Manager.


It was evident to Jette Rask that the solution to the problem was an intranet that could create a digital workspace where the employees at the Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern could meet across geographically diverse locations. To find the right solution, she and her colleagues at the Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern gathered information about some different solutions, such as SharePoint and Intranote.


Our Vision was to find a user-friendly and manageable intranet that reaches out to all employees. The employees in the different departments need easy access to information and collaboration. They need to feel like part of the organisation so that the unity around our organisation is strengthened. - Jette Rask, Project Manager

Mogens Sejer Iversen på Colibos kontor i Århus

Colibo ensures that the intranet is relevant to everybody

The Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern found that Colibo met their requirements for an intranet that could unite the employees of the organisation. With Colibo, all staff at the municipality can log on to the intranet and have the same options in the system – even if an employee doesn’t have access to a computer.


Employees who aren’t stationed in the headquarters can still access relevant information and collaborate in workgroups. Moreover, Colibo is an intuitive and user-friendly intranet platform that makes it easy to find relevant colleagues with specific skills. Displaying the members who are nearest to you is incredibly relevant, and the notification feature provides an overview for the individual employee. Uploading profile pictures was something we did immediately. It increases the recognisability among colleagues and makes it easier for everyone to contact each other. - Jette Rask, Project Manager

Anette Stokholm Ringkjøbing-Skjern Kommune Webmaster

Easily accessible information to all

Anette Stokholm, Webmaster Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern

It's a challenge to ensure that all information is available and reaches everyone. With our new intranet, we no longer have that challenge. Using workgroups, we're not interrupting people with irrelevant information, and at the same time, we get the option to create closed workgroups where we can share confidential information and have private discussions between invited members.The people directory gives an excellent overview of both tasks, phone numbers, and most importantly, it puts a face to our co-workers.

The new intranet platform will help the employees at the municipality get a sense of belonging to the entire organisation and strengthen the collaboration across departments.

To ensure that the new Colibo intranet was implemented successfully, the employees were involved in the development of the intranet. The intranet project group visited different departments in the organisation to talk directly with the end users of the intranet. This way, they gained valuable insights into the wishes and needs of the various professional groups. This process ensured that the intranet was designed for everybody and not only a limited group of people. 

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Colibo vs. SharePoint

Employees want tools with a look and feel that they are used to from their personal lives. Colibo is a social intranet and the number one alternative to SharePoint’s complex setup. Users will love the easy-to-use features and availability on the go.

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