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Feb 3, 2019 2:22:00 PM by Jesper Lykkegaard Halliday


The Municipality of Billund has centralised their administration to one location at the town hall in Grindsted. Because of the centralization, many of the employees of the municipality did not know their colleagues, as they had previously been placed in different geographical locations. It was paramount to the Municipality of Billund that their staff got to know each other to create the most productive working environment possible.


Billund Rådhus


The capital of children

The Municipality of Billund is also known as the capital of children. It is important for the Municipality to make Billund an attractive place for new citizens, where children and family life is the focus. Furthermore, Billund is known to be a great place for businesses, featuring LEGO's global Headquarter in the city as the most prominent member on the list. The combination of focusing on family and good business conditions makes it possible to have a great work-life balance. The employees of the Municipality of Billund work hard to ensure the best service for their citizens.  

Getting to know your colleagues

As the administration in the Municipality of Billund was centralized, a lot of colleagues who didn’t know each other were suddenly side-by-side in the office.

The primary focus for Trine Kristensen and the Municipality of Billund was, therefore, to create a productive working environment by making it possible for co-workers to easily find the people with the competencies they were looking for and, more importantly, to get to know each other. They started looking for an IT system that featured a ‘Blue book/Facebook’ option. The feature would make information about employees' personal and professional competencies available and easy to find. Trine Kristensen, IT and Communication Consultant tells:

We have primarily focused on our ‘Blue Book’ project rather than searching for a new intranet solution. However, we were aware of the need for a new system that could support both communication and collaboration.

Why Colibo?

Colibo is designed to foster interaction and collaboration among colleagues. To personalize the intranet, the user fills out a personal profile with relevant personal information, a profile picture, and professional skills.

We chose Colibo because it is literally a social and dynamic intranet. Colibo supports the ‘Blue Book’ feature and our vision, which is to create a joint digital workplace that can bring us all closer together in our daily working environment. The fact that co-workers can recognize each other from pictures and get to know each other on a more personal level can help the overall environment become more loose and friendly.

Colibo covered the immediate need to have a platform where colleagues could find and get to know each other. Furthermore, Colibo meet a need that the Municipality of Billund knew that they would have in the future; a shared digital workplace, where users could communicate, share knowledge and engage in workgroups.



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