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Learn about what an intranet can do for your business
Sep 1, 2018 4:02:00 PM by Jesper Lykkegaard Halliday

As an international company, Clipper Group has offices around the globe. Each office in each country has their own unique challenges, and they themselves are experts in how to solve them. However, being part of a large organisation, many of the challenges employees around the world face during their work day are similar to the ones their colleagues in other countries face as well. It can, therefore be beneficial for an organisation to make sure that employees share knowledge to be more efficient.

Clipper Brilliance


Doing business all over the world

Clipper Group is a worldwide shipping company with a fleet close to 200 ships. It has employees from a lot of different countries, each with their own unique know-how. Clipper Group is a company with increasing activities globally, and with offices opening in new markets. Increasing activities call for new ways of doing business. At Clipper Group, Branding and Communications Manager Emma Wahlberg saw that there was an opportunity to benefit from this know-how, if the employees had better tools for knowledge sharing and internal communication.  

Personal knowledge sharing with peers

At Clipper Group, they realised that it was mostly the employees at the headquarters in Copenhagen who were using their old intranet solution. This created an organisation where only a limited portion of the employees was communicating internally. Emma Wahlberg wished to implement a more modern intranet solution, that could tie the organisation closer together, where colleagues across the world could communicate equally. The lack of communication between offices was a problem for Clipper Group, as important information and know-how wasn’t shared between them. Emma Wahlberg tells:

We need an intranet that encourages our employees to form dialogues on the intranet. A place where they feel a kind of ownership and not a system that only belongs to the employees at the headquarters. On top of that, it was important to create an information structure that was both intuitive and accessible to all. This is what we hope to achieve with the help off Colibo.

Focus on the individual user

With Colibo, Clipper Group was able to create a shared digital workspace for the entire organisation. One of the most important features of Colibo is that the system adapts to the individual user, so that each employee has access to information and communication relevant to him or her. Employees are no longer bombarded with unwanted information, but are only exposed to content that is actually relevant to them. Information clutter was one of the issues with their old intranet solution, and it left the intranet unused. Emma Wahlberg explain:

In this type of organisation, you have to be able to communicate on all levels, both formally and informally. Colibo makes this possible and we expect an intranet that will deliver endless possibilities.

Colibo has become the central digital workplace for Clipper Group’s employees. This means that the company has succeeded in unifying the organisation and forming a joint communication platform with valuable knowledge sharing.

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