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Colibo Features

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Effective and secure knowledge sharing

With workgroups, you and your colleagues can share documents and communicate across physical locations – of course, in a secure, closed area. And when you need input from external actors, it’s easy to invite them to be a part of the groups.   

People Directory Feature
People directory

Find all contacts with a few clicks

With the people directory, you always have quick access to the contacts you use most often and the ones you share workgroups with. Additionally, you can easily search names, departments, or specific skills and view those closest to you.   

Intranet Search engine Feature
Intelligent search engine

Get quick answers and increase efficiency

The search engine is based on the modern search engine Elastic Search. The search engine works with the principle that information and persons that are close to you, is more relevant, and thus the search results shows the most relevant results. It allows you to quickly find the content you need on the intranet.

News Feed Feature icon
Personal newsfeed

News with personal relevance

The news is tailored to you, so you get news based on professional and personal interest, such as your workgroups and department. The design makes it easy to interact with comments and to provide feedback on individual news, which strengthens your organisation’s knowledge sharing and interaction.

file-sharing feature icon

Sharing files across the organisation

Documents are securely stored on your intranet, and you can decide how your folders and pages should be structured to best fit you and your workday. With Colibo’s smart ’version control’ you always have access to the latest version of a document or file.  


Colibo Connect Feature
Colibo Connect

Access files offline and on the move

Colibo Connect allows you and your colleagues to access and work with files offline. Thanks to intelligent synchronisation, the files are updated when online so you always have the latest version available. In addition, Colibo always keeps you updated through notifications – even if the social intranet is not open.  

intranet Infoscreens icon
Info Screens 

Communicate on your terms

With Colibo, your organisation can display differentiated content on info screen, such as in the canteen and other common areas. It bridges your digital and physical workflow and ensures that employees who have limited access to a computer and other devices also have easy access to important information.  

Intranet Integrations Feature icon

Get a platform that collaborates

Colibo is based on the widely used .NET technology and can therefore be integrated with your company's most important systems, such as business intelligence, Exchange Server, and CRM- and financial systems. Integration ensures efficient applications without problems with existing systems.

Intranet Apps

Customise Colibo for your needs 

You can customise your Colibo to match your organisation’s needs with a variety of apps. For example, there may be apps for workflows in connection with the creation of a new employee or submission of support cases to the IT Helpdesk. Our apps can be customised or developed based on your needs – either by Colibo or with the help of a third-party provider.   

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Standards you can always count on

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Data security

Your data is safe with us. Colibo is based on the widely used .NET technology and uses a SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption for web traffic. 

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User friendly 

Our social intranet solution is inspired by the design of well-known social media, which gives it easy recognition and low learning curve for users.

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Out-of-the-box setup

With Colibo, it's over with waiting forever to implement a new intranet. Our standard platform and features are 'out-of-the-box', which only requires further development if your organisation have special wishes.

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Intranet on the move

With our intuitive and responsive design, you can easily access the intranet from both your mobile, tablet and computer wherever you are. Check out news, upload files and comment in your groups - even when you're on the move. 

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No extra cost

With Colibo you get a standard intranet platform that is in constant development. Our subscription structure includes regular upgrades, so you always have the latest tools available. Without any extra costs.

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Hosting in the cloud

We recommend that you host your new intranet in the cloud, ensuring continuous updates. You can also choose to host on premise on your own servers.