Municipality intranet

Colibo is a social intranet developed specifically for the needs of municipalities. 

Intranet for municipalities

Colibo implemented their first intranet solution in 2012 to the Danish municipality Silkeborg. Since then, we have implemented standard intranet solutions to 14 Danish municipalities, and more are coming.

That is with good reason. Colibo has from day one been built specifically for the needs of municipalities. Municipalities are big organisations, and they need an effective intranet to communicate, share information and collaborate with all employees in the municipality. At Colibo the municipalities repeatedly tell us that their intranet is outdated because the development in intranets has had a hard time keeping up with digitalisation. Colibo changes that.

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Employees in municipalities need to be able to participate digitally regardless of their IT skills, geographical location and whether they are at their desk or on the move. It poses some requirements for the technology the municipalities use. As consumers, we are accustomed to technology that is intuitive and easy to use. The intranet should also be.

Colibo is a social intranet that is easy to use, regardless of technical skills, and which can be used, regardless of whether employees sit in front of a PC or when they work with a resident because Colibo works on all devices.

Colibo municipality intranet

Simply vision creates success

The vision for Colibo has from the beginning been to create a living, dynamic intranet that is used because users know how to use it. And because the intranet saves them valuable time, makes everyday life easier, and because it is relevant to the individual. Colibo is developed in close collaboration with a municipality and our knowledge about municipalities means that we can always be at the forefront of development.


There are currently 14 municipalities in Colibo:


Colibo intranet connects geographically dispersed offices

Many municipalities are spread over a large geographical area. That means that it may be difficult to collaborate and share knowledge across professional areas. With Colibo, you get more than an intranet. You get a digital workplace where you can easily collaborate and share experiences. The Colibo intranet platform helps the employees of the municipality get a relationship with the entire organisation and strengthen cross-departmental collaboration.

The size of our organisation means that there is a great distance between our departments. Therefore, we experience a massive challenge when it comes to the cross-functional collaboration. We’ve had a hard time reaching our external employees in the different institutions – teachers, daycare workers and our employees at our nursing homes, etc. At the same time, we had difficulties finding specific employees with certain professional skills and communicating information to employees through our previous intranet - Jette Rask, Project Manager.

Municipality intranet
Mogens Sejer Iversen Colibo

Mogens Sejer Iversen, CEO Colibo

After more than five years on the market, no customers have yet chosen to leave Colibo. We are very proud of it, and it gives us our daily motivation to constantly develop the product and create the best conditions for our customers. Both now and in the future.

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Avoid expensive consultant bills

Systemically, you should not provide for maintenance of the Colibo. We take care of that. That way you avoid expensive consultancy bills. The system is built with tools for content review, so the intranet does not get clogged. This means that you will not have to invest in a new intranet again in three years because your intranet is always updated.

Municipality peer to peer group

Municipality peer to peer groups gives a unique development community

As an actor in a peer to peer group, you can enter a unique development community with other municipalities. By doing so, the municipalities are lifting development and can reach solutions at a level that otherwise would not be possible. When more people go together for the same solution, the framework will expand, and the result will be even better.

The best ideas are often obtained from experienced users in the same role as yourself. With peer to peer groups, you can learn how other municipalities use their Colibo intranet and draw experiences from their experiences.


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