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Collaborator News

14-11-2018 New Customer

Colibo Is Helping Private Hospital Mølholm Optimize Access to Data

The new data protection regulation GDPR that became effective in May 25, 2018 has changed the way in which enterprises are expected to work with and handle personal data. Private Hospital Mølholm takes additional responsibility by replacing their older intranet platform with Colibo.

We care a lot about our clients and employees, why we want to protect their data in the best way possible. We can already say that Colibo will have a huge impact on our data organization, administration and overall security.” – Lena Stjernholm Nielsen, Quality Coordinator/Project manager

23-10-2018 New Customer

The Colibo Intranet Helps Senja Municipality Undergo a Massive Change

The future Norwegian municipality, Senja, is in the process of merging the four municipalities, Berg, Lenvik, Torsken and Tranøy. As the establishment will already take place on January 1, 2020, Senja chose Colibo to help the process and facilitate collaboration across the four locations.

25-10-2018 Events

We Are Introducing IntraNEXT 2018

Owned and arranged by Colibo in cooperation with partners and sponsors, intraNEXT is the new Danish conference, held on December 6 in Aarhus, on the digital workplace and internal communication. We look forward to an inspiring day with high professionalism and keynote speakers from around the world.


29-10-2018 New Customer

BORG Automotive Welcomes a New Dimension of Knowledge Sharing

BORG Automotive wanted a new intranet to enable meaningful knowledge sharing and clear communication across four locations in Europe. Today, the company is going live with their new Colibo intranet.

29-10-2018 New Customer

The Colibo Intranet Boosts Collaboration and Communication at Kvadrat

Kvadrat needed a digital platform to simplify knowledge sharing, internal communication and collaboration in the workplace. In July, the company went live with their new Colibo Intranet and gathered together almost 700 employees across 30 countries.

23-02-2018 New Customer

Intranet will bring together employees across international offices

Isabella Group chose Colibo as their intranet supplier over another big intranet company. They will launch their Colibo intranet soon. The intranet will function as a collaboration point for all their companies in Denmark, Norway, England, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.

26-02-2018 Public Sector

The municipality of Ullensvang is moving ahead with digital tools

As the Norwegian municipalities are in the reform process of merging municipalities, the new Ullensvang municipality has chosen a modern and tested digital platform for cooperation. 

23-01-2018 News

Great customer satisfaction among Colibo customers

With an NPS score of 60 in the half-yearly customer satisfaction measurement, Colibo has developed a strong connection with their customer base. A company with a score of over 50 has a positive position among its customers, according to Fred Reichheld, who has developed the Net Promoter Score that has been used in this satisfaction survey.

23-02-2018 New Customer

A social intranet enhances the communication in Rudersdal Municipality

”We chose Colibo, because we wanted a standard system. One year ago, we launched a new website, which we developed ourselves to a great extent. We weren’t ready for that with a new intranet. We wanted a standard solution, which has been approved by many other municipalities.”

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The social intranet 2019 - Free webinar

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Free webinar

The social intranet 2019 - Free webinar

Join our webinar and get a live demo of one of Colibo's..
Free webinar

The social intranet 2018 - Free webinar

Join our webinar and get a live demo of one of Colibo's..
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