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Innovative Danish software-startup raises millions in venture funding

The Danish social Intranet company Colibo Inc. has just raised its first major venture funding from a series of prominent investors alongside the Danish Growth Fund.

Colibo is injected with an investment in the DKK double-digit million range – funds that are to be used for establishing the company in the US and UK and the further development of the company’s Social Intranet solution, Colibo. Colibo has been on an amazing growth path. The first Intranet solution was installed in 2014, and Colibo has gained significant market shares in Denmark in just a short period of time. Now, the Colibo-solution is to be released internationally, and the company is to be established in the US and UK.

+70,000 users in more than 14 countries

Colibo is a user-friendly and dynamic Intranet alternative for companies and organizations that otherwise would have used Microsoft Sharepoint as their digital workspace solution. The Colibo solution has more than 70,000 users across 14 countries, and customers include The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Central Denmark Region, Kosan Crisplant, Clipper Group and several Danish municipalities. 


Social Intranet tools raise productivity with up to 25%

According to McKinsey Global Institute analysis, companies can raise productivity of their administrative staff with up to 25 % by using social Intranet tools, making the knowledge of the organization searchable and by basing the company on a communication platform that supports social workgroups. 

Colibo is a spin-off of Mediaworkers - a digital agency, recently awarded the fast-growth company prize for the second consecutive year, and who has brought Colibo all the way to Series A venture through independent financing. 

“We are very excited about raising capital as well as gathering a team of investors with solid international software experience. Likewise, we are now able to execute our product roadmap for Colibo, catapulting our software to rank among the very best in the world”, says Mogens Sejer Iversen, CEO and Founding Partner of Colibo. 

Mogens Sejer Iversen is now handing over the CEO position in Mediaworkers to Henrik Sejer Gelineck Berg, currently the the company’s CFO. However, Mogens Sejer Iversen continues as head of Mediaworkers Group – the underlying holding company that (among others) is the sole owner of the successful games studio Funday Factory.

Prominent investors ensure the next growth phase

Stig Hølledig who is known from the software unicorn Sitecore, is among the Colibo investors says about the potential with Colibo: “Globally, we are facing a growing number of companies who are going to replace their old Intranets with more dynamic digital workspaces over the next couple of years. We are closing this market demand perfectly with Colibo. At the same time, we – the investor - are very impressed with the significant value the solution provides including very satisfied customers representing some of the most demanding organizations in the country,” Stig Hølledig says.

Have you ever tried building enthusiasm for a project, only to meet a lukewarm response from your senior management and organisation? To prove that an intranet investment is justified, you need to demonstrate the benefits an intranet will bring to your business with more than a simple ‘nice-to-have’. In this article, we outline the steps to help you build a strong intranet business case that will secure you buy-in from senior management A business case is usually a written project description, that is intended to convince decision makers to approve a project. The document itself is typically referred to as a business case.

As a rule, a business case should articulate a clear path to a return on investment (ROI), an evaluation of current issues and recommended solutions. A business case document should study benefits and risks involved with both taking the action and, conversely, not taking the action. The conclusion should lead to a sound recommendation for implementation. Business cases are one of the most powerful tools at your disposal in the bid to redesign, invest or build your new intranet. Written and delivered effectively, your business case will: Before you start writing your business case, you should have carried out a fair amount of research into the problem and possible solutions. There are five valuable things you need to settle, which can help you choose the right solution.That means, that a good intranet may increase your productivity up to 25 %, and it impacts the quality of your work. An increase in effectivity would lead to a decrease in costs or a more effective organisation. Thus, making an organisation a lot more profitable. A bad intranet affects the overall effectivity and thereby the productivity of the organisation.


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About Colibo

Colibo A/S provides a straight forward social intranet platform that enables complex organisations to collaborate efficiently on business and working culture goals. We want to help define the future of a digital workplace by solving the unique knowledge sharing challenges that companies face.

Our name originates from the word “collaboration”, which is exactly, what our social intranet solution promotes. The same goes for our employees. We believe that a digital solution is incomplete without people behind it. Co-work, co-creation, and co-productivity – These are the values that we, as your collaborators, encourage and live by.

The intuitive interface and team collaboration tools allow for easy knowledge sharing and set the stage for dialogue and collaboration between employees. A complete intranet solution can contribute to the ease of work processes, elevate efficiency while encouraging value creation through digital collaboration. A social intranet is a real strategic asset that helps companies achieve their day to day and long term business goals.

Customised for your company, Colibo is easy to deploy, and we guide you through the phases of your implementation process every step of the way. We are both your social intranet and your collaborators. Located in the heart of Aarhus, Colibo has more than 70,000 users across 14 countries. Our customers are a mix of municipalities, public organisations and private companies.

Take a look at our case stories if you want to learn more about Colibo and the value of collaboration, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get the latest updates.


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