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11-09-2017 New Customer
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Kosan Crisplant Increases Knowledge Sharing with a new Social Intranet

700 employees, 15 countries, and one digital platform

Integrating your company's programs and tools to Colibo means that your employees can access it all from the same platform. 

On top of that, it means that integrated programs create valuable knowledge sharing, which the Danish company Kosan Crisplant is now benefiting from.

Increased efficiency and decreased redundancies

The company is a global supplier of solutions for the gas industry and has now decreased their redundancies by integrating the company's business critical tools into the new intranet. The workflows have been optimized and the integration has created valuable knowledge sharing that helps their employees throughout their workday.

Kosan Crisplant, among other things, provides detailed analyses of their customers' situations. Therefore, they use a wide range of programs. Because of that, the company needed to integrate the programs and systems, which the technology behind Colibo made possible. 

With over 700 hundred employees across 15 countries, the intranet has managed to gather everyone on the same platform. It's now easier to communicate and access the companies' most valuable systems and tools. The integration means that it has become much easier for the employees to find what they're looking for. Through a common intranet, the employees now save a lot of resources, and that creates a happier work environment.

Valuable integration with the Colibo Intranet

Colibo is based on .NET technology. This means that Colibo is integrated with the company's business critical tools and systems. This creates a more accessibility for employees, and smooth knowledge sharing, which increases efficiency. 

With the integration, it's only the relevant tools that are accessible to each employee. It means that every user gets their own unique newsfeed filled with relevant information. Kosan Crisplant also has the opportunity to tailor relevant widgets and apps that make it easier to keep track of information and tools.

Learn more about integration, and find out what it can provide for your company.

Open office concept group work

Learn more about Kosan Crisplant's achievements...

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About Colibo

Colibo A/S provides a straight forward social intranet platform that enables complex organisations to collaborate efficiently on business and working culture goals. We want to help define the future of a digital workplace by solving the unique knowledge sharing challenges that companies face.

Our name originates from the word “collaboration,” which is exactly what our social intranet solution promotes. The same goes for our employees. We believe that a digital solution is incomplete without people behind it. Co-work, co-creation, and co-productivity – These are the values that we, as your collaborators, encourage and live by.

The intuitive interface and team collaboration tools allow for easy knowledge sharing and set the stage for dialogue and collaboration between employees. A complete intranet solution can contribute to the ease of work processes and elevate efficiency, while encouraging value creation through digital collaboration. A social intranet is a real strategic asset that helps companies achieve their day-to-day and long-term business goals.

Customised for your company, Colibo is easy to deploy, and we guide you through the phases of your implementation process, every step of the way. We are both your social intranet and your collaborators. Located in the heart of Aarhus, Colibo has more than 90,000 users across 14 countries. Our customers are a mix of municipalities, public organisations, and private companies.

Take a look at our case stories if you want to learn more about Colibo and the value of collaboration. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get the latest updates.

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