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11-09-2017 New Customer
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Min A-kasse: Accessible intranet as  building block for a unified culture

‘Something needs to happen - both technically and culturally‘. With those words, Min A-kasse will soon be launching their first version of the Colibo intranet. The employees will log in for the first time on the 19th of September.

The simple user-interface of the intranet makes it easy for the employees to use the system from the very first day. That is one of the things that Min A-kasse is looking forward to

We chose Colibo because the intranet seems user-friendly and accessible. We have a lot of internal communication and collaboration across the organization. This means that the intranet already works as the platform for establishing and maintaining a common culture - Maria Hamilton, Communications consulent, Min A-kasse

A lot of different cultures challenge the feeling of belonging to one big unit

Min A-kasse has been through multiple fusions, and has grown from 65 to 100 employees since 2015. The challenge is thus to make the employees feel like a part of one joint organization - a challenge that is complex because of the many different cultures that need to be fused.

“It's apparent that we need a common forum for both the important news around the organization, but also knowledge sharing and digital tool boxes", says Maria Hamilton, Communications consultant at Min A-kasse. This means that the employees log in to their own personal newsfeed every morning. Documents and tools that are relevant for each employee are easy to access and all users can create digital collaborative rooms for different projects.

Colibo - the right choice

With the help from a consultant, Min A-kasse searched the entire market to find the right intranet. The 102 year old unemployment insurance fund has examined different Sharepoint-solutions before landing on Colibo's Umbraco-based intranet.

Min A-kasse is, together with Esbjerg Municipality, the only Colibo-customer to launch an intranet where the entire organizational structure is transferred from their AD (Active Directory). This means that all departments and teams will automatically be visible in the new intranet, and updated when needed. This saves the administration a lot of ressources and lowers the error rate, because every single update is done automatically.

At Min A-kasse they are now counting down the days till the 19th of September.

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Colibo A/S provides a straight forward social intranet platform that enables complex organisations to collaborate efficiently on business and working culture goals. We want to help define the future of a digital workplace by solving the unique knowledge sharing challenges that companies face.

Our name originates from the word “collaboration”, which is exactly, what our social intranet solution promotes. The same goes for our employees. We believe that a digital solution is incomplete without people behind it. Co-work, co-creation, and co-productivity – These are the values that we, as your collaborators, encourage and live by.

The intuitive interface and team collaboration tools allow for easy knowledge sharing and set the stage for dialogue and collaboration between employees. A complete intranet solution can contribute to the ease of work processes, elevate efficiency while encouraging value creation through digital collaboration. A social intranet is a real strategic asset that helps companies achieve their day to day and long term business goals.

Customised for your company, Colibo is easy to deploy, and we guide you through the phases of your implementation process every step of the way. We are both your social intranet and your collaborators. Located in the heart of Aarhus, Colibo has more than 90,000 users across 14 countries. Our customers are a mix of municipalities, public organisations and private companies.

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