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19-01-2018 Public Sector
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The municipality of Ullensvang is moving ahead with digital tools

As the Norwegian municipalities are in the reform process of merging municipalities, the new Ullensvang municipality has chosen a modern and tested digital platform for cooperation. 

Ullensvang will use Colibo as a project tool in the municipal merger between the three municipalities, Jondal, Odda and Ullenvang.


First Norwegian Colibo customer 

In Norway, the municipalities have established a large merger over the next couple of years, and Colibo has been afforded the opportunity to assist with this process - we have got our first Norwegian municipal customer!

Employees in 121 Norwegian municipalities are currently in the process of planning how to merge with one or more neighboring municipalities, which will ultimately be consolidated into 47 larger new municipalities. Colibo assists in this process with an intranet that acts as a collaborative platform during the consolidation period and as a new intranet after the merger.

The municipality of Ullensvang has already started

The new municipality of Ullensvang in Norway has already started with a project solution for the employees, who are currently working on the fusion between the municipalities of Odda, Jondal and Ullensvang.

Jondal, Odda and Ullensvang make up a common housing and work region and have worked together in several areas for many years. As part of the reform of the municipality, the many municipalities agreed in 2016 to settle from 1.1.2020. The new district is called Ullensvang Municipality and the city center is going to be in Odda.

The three municipalities lacked an online collaboration tool for the municipal merger. They needed a collaborative tool to minimize physical encounters because there were three municipalities intended to merge. They lacked a common platform for dialogue, sharing of documents and working groups. Email is not the optimal work tool for collaboration across different groups.

Read what the business leader, IKT, Andreas Sigvaldsen, says about the decision on choosing Colibo:

We choose Colibo, because we needed a digital room for collaboration for all the project participants in the municipal merger, so they can easier communicate online. We do not always have time to hold physical meetings, and emails will be unthinkable as a dialogue tool in this project. With Colibo, we quickly get a platform that is simple, intuitive and no training required. - Andreas Sigvaldsen, Business leader IKT at Ullensvang Kommune

As a start, Colibo is rolled out as a project tool for project participants for the municipal merger. In the long run, they can easily use the intranet for all employees in the municipality.

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20% of the Danish municipalities cannot be wrong

Colibo delivered its first intranet solution in 2012 to Silkeborg Municipality in Denmark. Since then, we have delivered standard intranet solutions to almost 20% of all Danish municipalities and more are on its way.

There is a good reason for that. From the very first day, Colibo has been built and developed specifically for the needs of the municipalities. Municipalities are large organizations that need an effective intranet to communicate information and cooperation across the entire organisation. At Colibo, we have repeatedly heard the municipalities say that they find their former intranet to be obsolete because the development in intranet solutions does not keep pace with the municipality's development. This problem is one of many that Colibo has taken hold of with ongoing updates for all customers.

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Author: Mogens Sejer Iversen, CEO & Founding Partner at Colibo A/S
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