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Jan 9, 2018 8:30:00 AM by Jesper Lykkegaard Halliday

Rudersdal Municipality has chosen Colibo as their intranet provider, and soon they will be live with the platform. The plan is that all employees in the municipality will use the new intranet, so everyone has easy access to common knowledge and communication. User import and login secure easy access for everyone.

We chose Colibo, because we wanted a standard system. One year ago, we launched a new website, which we developed ourselves to a great extent. We weren’t ready for that with a new intranet. We wanted a standard solution, which has been approved by many other municipalities.

The new intranet puts demands on the leaders in the municipality

The problem for many intranet solutions is that it often ends up with functioning just as the menu in the canteen. But for the intranet to have its entitlement, it must be more than just a noticeboard.

With Colibo, Rudersdal Municipality expects to get a platform that can be used to improve the internal communication in the municipality. The implementation of a social intranet is going to put demands on the internal leaders on lifting the internal communication. Popularly said, they wish to break down some of the silos that exist in the municipality.

We want to insist on that the intranet should be used to improve the communication internally and above all the management communication”, says Jens Gregersen, Head of Communications in Rudersdal Municipality.

About Rudersdal Municipality

Rudersdal Municipality is a municipality in the northern Greater Copenhagen in the Region Capital. Rudersdal Municipality has more than 5000 employees. 

Challenges with an outdated and clogged intranet

Rudersdal Municipality experiences employees who have problems with searching and finding relevant information and communication internally. This is a great deal due to an outdated intranet. Their former intranet is from 2007. There are several reasons for the lack of search, which have developed over time: over the time, there has been less and less tendency to tag articles and information with meta information.

The consequence is that the intranet overflows with large amounts of information, so it is difficult to find the relevant information. At last, you must use the free text field to search information, which gives long response times.

Well proven standard solution was decisive for the choice of Colibo

We chose Colibo, because we deliberately went for a standard system. One year ago, we launched a new web platform, which we developed ourselves to a great extent. We weren’t ready for that with a new intranet. We wanted a standard solution, which is well proven by many other municipalities. It is reassuring that Colibo is customized to the needs of public customers and at the same time, they have a development community among their municipalities concludes Jens Gregersen.

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