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Learn about what an intranet can do for your business
Apr 27, 2021 1:56:13 PM by Jesper Lykkegaard Halliday

Re-post: The task may sound simple; you have important documents that need to be placed in folders on the intranet, and you have some news and tasks that need to reach out to the right departments in the workplace. But how do you make sure employees get a straight and intuitive path to the documents, and how do you know if the news is being read at all?

The recipe for this can be difficult to figure out, as it differs from organization to organization. In collaboration with Colibo and Siteimprove , Aarhus Municipality is working innovatively to comply with the increasing requirements for targeted communication and up-to-date content on the intranet.

Increasing demands on the Intranet Manager

Intranets are a great platform to support culture and to tie employees together across departments and physical locations.

In many ways, the intranet is to that extent the heart of internal communication. But it is not an easy task to be intranet responsible today, as there are some completely different requirements than just 5-10 years ago.

The "classic intranet", as we once knew it, has evolved from one-way channels managed by management to the desire to share knowledge and utilize the knowledge employees have. The intranet is therefore today built on channels that lead to dialogue such as collaboration spaces, comment fields and "like" functionalities.


Aarhus Municipality wants to work to be data-driven when it comes to developing their new intranet

Back in November 2018, Aarhus Municipality went live with a new intranet. The intranet replaces an older and more divided model, on which only 10,000 users at that time had access to the intranet. With their new intranet, there are now 35,000 users who have access to one common platform. And this makes some new demands.

By spreading the intranet to all the municipality's employees, new user groups are emerging that have new and different needs. For Aarhus Municipality, this is a major shift, as they go from a very narrow target group to an ultra wide one of its kind approach.

But they do not come to this task asleep, as they work through their collaboration with Colibo and Siteimprove to ensure that the project is a success.

The goal is that we will be more data-driven in the future decisions and development of our new intranet. In this way, 2019 will be far from a “we-have-gone-into-the-air-year, and that was it”, instead it will be the year where we first really have to start adapting and targeting the communication to the employees. at Aarhus Municipality. - Peder Andersen, IT and communication consultant, Aarhus Municipality

An opportunity to work professionally with the intranet at the same level as a website

Siteimprove's platform is, as the name implies, created to ensure the quality and increase the quality of content on websites and in recent years, intranets. Via the platform, you can, for example, detect dead links, spelling mistakes, lixtal, do web analyzes, observe user behavior, work with SEO, KPIs and GDPR - which in collaboration with Colibo's own functionalities creates good synergy in the work with content, including governance and engagement.

In its work, Aarhus Municipality has selected two major focus points:

  • Content maintenance - motivation for ownership
  • Preparation of groupings so that the navigation of a given group becomes clear.

Content maintenance

A significant motivation to maintain good content is the visibility and experience that there are some who read and use it. On the intranet, there are different roles in the form of administrators, editors and content owners, and it is the content owners that Aarhus Municipality is particularly aware of, as it is important for them that they get the maintenance completely out. Not just for HR and the communication people, who otherwise often have content for the intranet, but all the way to the finance consultant, who knows something about finance that another finance consultant will also find interesting.

Preparation of groupings

Preparation of groupings has arisen from the desire to see how a given target group navigates around the intranet, as it is important as a municipality to ensure that specific content is seen and read. If this is not the case, they can change the communication based on their data so that the right content becomes visible and readable.

Siteimprove og Aarhus Kommune

Peder Andersen from Aarhus Municipality and Camilla Simonsen from Siteimprove stood together on stage for intraNEXT 2018.


The basis of a new partnership

Aarhus Municipality's needs are far from a one-off case and an official partnership between Colibo and Siteimprove was established in November 2018.

For Colibo, Siteimprove is a perfect superstructure for the segment of complex organizations that use our intranet platform. - Mogens Sejer Iversen, CEO & Founding partner, Colibo A/S

The need for a larger scale of business intelligence is also one of the reasons why Siteimprove and Colibo play well together. In addition to the intranet's own measuring tools, Siteimprove helps to ensure quality and prove user behavior.  

About Aarhus Municipality

Aarhus Municipality employs 35,000 people and is thus the largest employer within the municipal boundaries and one of Denmark's largest public employers. The municipality is Denmark's second largest (after Copenhagen). Administratively, Aarhus Municipality is divided into six smaller departments, which together constitute the only magistral structure in Denmark. Each department is governed by a mayor and five councilors. Departments they handle are the Mayor's department, Children and Young People, Culture and Citizen Services, Social Affairs and Employment, Technology and the Environment, and Health and Care.

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