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Learn about what an intranet can do for your business
Jan 10, 2019 2:35:00 PM by Jesper Lykkegaard Halliday

On December 6th 2018 we opened the doors for the first time to our conference IntraNEXT. It quickly showed to grow into a crowd pulling event within internal communication and the digital workplace, and we can look back at a day with more than 170 registrations.

Regardless of your participation, here is an opportunity for a quick look back at the event...

HubSpot Video


The intranet and the intranet manager (fortunately) still have a relevant presence!


At the conference, amongst other speakers, we were able to present CEO & author Martin White from Intranet Focus LTD, that in conjunction with the publication "Do you have a future as an Intranet Manager?" speaks about the value of the digital workplace and confirms, that the intranet and the role as intranet manager is far from history.

Martin White points out how an intranet is the very foundation for your workday containing different processes, procedures and workflows. For some the intranet is a communication channel, for others it's a collaborative platform, while for other people it's a tool for seeking information or managing various tasks. The diversity of the utilization is expansive, and so is the differentiation of its users.

Along with the development of the modern intranet, its demands for qualifications with the ones responsible for the administration and upkeep of the company intranet are increasing. One of the areas Martin White speaks about is "Content and Communication" where the primary focus should be to improve the quality of information, so that decisions are always taken on the basis of the best available information.

We talk a lot about an intranet or a social intranet. But I want to get people thinking about information, to make a decision that benefit for the company and to them personal.

Digital Workplace Skills Matrix

Digital Workplace Skills Matrix

Additional areas where demands are also observed today are seen in Spark Trajectory's Digital Workplace Skills Matrix. The matrix illustrates how the future areas of responsibilities for handling of the intranet are specified and how companies in the future cannot settle with the casual IT- or HR-worker managing the intranet alongside their ordinary day-to-day tasks. It has instead become a job for the Intranet Manager, in close collaboration with IT and HR.

Martin White's outline over the usual intranet business cases


  • - Quality and speed of on boarding new employees
  • - Improvement in employee engagement
  • - Reduction in staff turnover
  • - Reduction in IT help desk calls
  • - Reduction in administrative task for HR
  • - Reduced dependency on key staff
  • - Reduction in email traffic
  • - Corporate values alignments
  • - Non site-based and shop floor employees feel part of the corporate family
  • - Increased and improved two-way communication up and down the management chain
  • - Identification of new product opportunities
  • - Reduced dependency on key staff
  • - Avoid information black holes
About Martin White

Martin White is the founder of Intranet Focus Ltd. in the U.K. and has over 40 years of experience as an Information Scientist, where he among other things has worked with intranets, enterprise search and information management. As an output from his thorough research, the books; Intranet Management - a tfpl guide to best practice, The Intranet Management Handbook and Enterprise Search - Enhancing Business Perfomance, have been authored to inform and guide the intranet managers.

intraNEXT 2018 - A talk about intranet and the digital workplace

We'll repeat the success in December 2019

In December 2019 intraNEXT will once again run off with new exciting topics and speakers within the subject "The Digital Workplace & Internal Communication". Once more the focus will be on geeking out on intranets and with all the valuable feedback we received in the fall, the event will be improved on the basis of the latter.

See you at intraNEXT 2019!

If you are not able to wait for December and curious about Colibos intranet platform, you can order a personal trial, where you will have the opportunity to sniff around the platform for 60 days.


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