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Learn about what an intranet can do for your business
Nov 28, 2017 4:04:00 PM by Jesper Lykkegaard Halliday

Colibo hosted a one day seminar about the value of a social intranet at Berlingske Media in Copenhagen. More than 25 participants with different professional backgrounds were present, so the stage was set for an educational day.

The day started off with an opening presentation by our CEO, Mogens Iversen. Here, everyone was introduced to why the social intranet is relevant for any company or organisation. One of the key points he gave about employee engagement was this:

Almost a quarter of all employees worldwide in information driven jobs are actively demotivated at work, according to a report by McKinsey & Company. These numbers do not even include the employees that are just demotivated. The lack of employee engagement is directly hurting the work life of employees and is indirectly hurting the results of the companies.

The next presentation was by our Chief Product Officer, Max Nielsen. With a brief history lesson of intranets, Max compared the traditional intranet to the new social intranet and outlined the benefits of a social intranet in a modern company or organisation. The presentation revolved around the seven focus areas that a social intranet should consist of in order to create value for its users, and for it to address the problem of employee engagement mentioned earlier.

1: Create a central platform with the user in the middle
2: Put relevant information and communication in focus
3: Communication should be "push" and not "pull"
4: The intranet should be so easy that anyone can participate and cooperate
5: Accessibility in the right way and at the right time
6: The social intranet is a toolbox 
7: Create internal ambassadors 

The next presenter was project manager at Danmarks Radio (DR) and Colibo customer, Mikkel Hvidtfeldt. Mikkel took us through the decision-making process that DR went through when they were looking to buy a new intranet. Should they develop the intranet in-house or hire an external supplier? Should it be a custom made solution or a standard solution? SharePoint based or CMS based? Colibo or Oxygen? Mikkel took us through the underlying thoughts that led to the answers to these questions.

Mikkel also presented their approach, when they organised the more than thousands of documents that DR had. With a workshop, DR found a way to make their library of knowledge intuitive for their users and avoid major silos of knowledge.

When implementing their new intranet, DR also kept their old intranet live for some users. With this control experiment, DR could easily compare the perceptions that the users had to both the new and the old intranet and make the transition process smoother for every user. 

After a delicious lunch provided by the kitchen of Berlingske Media, the seminar ended with a Q&A about the Colibo platform. With so many different professional backgrounds, there were a lot of new perspectives and relevant questions about the Colibo product, resulting in diverse discussions about what makes a great intranet.

We would like to thank Berlingske Media for their hospitality and all of our attendees for their participation and for making this an enjoyable day!

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