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Oct 17, 2018 2:00:00 PM by Jesper Lykkegaard Halliday

The future Norwegian municipality, Senja, is in the process of merging the four municipalities, Berg, Lenvik, Torsken and Tranøy. As the establishment will already take place on January 1, 2020, Senja chose Colibo to help the process and facilitate collaboration across the four locations.

A digitalization project since 2017

After the parliament of Norway voted to merge the four municipalities in March 2017, the new Senja Municipality is now being established through a collaborative project called Senja 2020. With many tasks to be finished and resolved within short deadlines, Senja went live with Colibo to drive the process and digitalize coordination and collaboration crosswise.

By renewing, simplifying and improving work processes as a part of forming the new municipality, Senja is effectively facing the future merger-challenges and the accompanying expectations from many of their users, residents and employees.

Sharing with both internal and external users

Arve Svestad is the information manager in Lenvik municipality and the manager in the Senja 2020-project for communication work involving internal communication for employees and external communication for residents. As a character who knows about the challenges of the project, Svestad puts forth how Colibo became the solution for handling all users involved:

It was also important to establish a solution for internal communication that could handle both the employees in the four municipalities and the external participants, such as politicians and other resource persons. By importing employees from the four municipalities' Active Directory, we easily got in all the users with basic information. The external participants are added via ‘Colibo Invite’.

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Future collaboration and information management

Until and after 2020, the digitalization of Senja will lead to more effective information management and communication. As Svestad summed up, this required a simple and intuitive user interface that can allow sharing, accessing, and managing of rights to documents.

Adding that they considered many solutions before choosing Colibo, Svestad further points out why Colibo became their corporate hub for collaboration and information:

Colibo was the supplier who gave us the overall best solution, and the software contains many clever functions. We can purposefully manage information, so that a news story which is only relevant for people within the technical sector will not end up in the feed of the school staff. And since this is a project that is due to end in December 31, 2019, it is very smart with a function where you can export the archive file of selected processes at a single keystroke.” 

About Senja

The future municipality, Senja, is located in Troms county, Norway. The new municipality will include the whole island of Senja, the smaller surrounding islands, and a part of the mainland between the Gisundet strait and the Malangen fjord.

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