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Secure Ongoing Success

Our Customer Success team is here to help you succeed with your business goals. We are your collaborators. And we are with you all the way. 





Drive user adoption rates from day one

To get the most out of your new intranet solution, it's important to think long-term return on investment from day one. Through the implementation and guidance of enterprises globally, we have found that your success and ability to achieve your internal communications goals are dependent on three factors:

  • Onboarding support
  • Governance
  • Continuous improvement

Our Customer Success team has made it their mission to know and understand the dynamics of these elements and how they interact and perform through software and people.


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Get the perfect start

Make sure the implementation of your new social intranet runs as smootly as possible with Colibo's Support and Customer Success teams by you side.

Our Customer Success team are trained experts with experience from small to large, from private to public organisations, on setting up goals and KPI's for your new intranet.

Intranet goals and KPI setup

What is the purpose of your intranet and how do you measure ROI?

Information Architecture workshop

Secure high user adoption rates with a good information hierarchy.

Deploy with success

Launcing a new intranet platform requires proper onboarding of your organisation's employees to be successful.

Our team happily helps you make sure the new platform is well received internally with inspiration and engagement workshops.

Education of Ambassadors

Train staff to become experts that inspire and engage your organisation.

Launch Setup Workshop

Guidance for a successful launch event.

Secure ongoing engagement

Secure the ongoing success of your intranet and improve your organisation's internal communication and knowledge sharing by evaluating your intranet's performance.

Get a comprehensive overview and details of your intranet performance and start optimizing to achieve the highest possible return on investment.

Performance Evaluation

Fulfill your full potential with a performance evaluation.


Buy consultancy by the hour.

Steep Learning Curve

You can easily start using your new Colibo intranet without our help. But, we find that it's always nice to have a friendly face ready to help you out, if you need it. Colibo's Customer Success team includes some of the brightest and friendliest people you'll meet. To us, the implementation of an intranet is not finished until all of the employees are using it. We call it employee engagement. 

Our technical experts, consultants and support team will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the most out of your intranet solution post-implementation, and take your internal communication efforts to the next level.

Colibo Customer Success Options

Achieve your goals

Our Customer Success team are experts in consulting on how to achieve your internal communications goals both prior, during, and after the implementation of your new intranet solution. 

Talk to Customer Success about:

  • Intranet strategy
  • Information structure
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Intranet governance



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Onboarding support

Our Customer Success team will guide you through our streamlined onboarding process to make sure that you get the best possible start using your new intranet solution. Onboarding includes consulting on how to make an efficient content and information structure, how to get employees started using the intranet, and answers to all of the questions you might have along the way.

Customer Success with Colibo is as natural as shaking hands. It's the first thing we do when we meet - we start the onboarding process. Traditional intranet projects take up to nine months, but with Colibo you can be up and running in less than eight weeks.

Our Customer Success team will help to engage your key stakeholders in the project, prepare your technical environment, access your information architecture, prepare your company brand design, and train your intranet managers and content publishers. 



A proper intranet governance strategy can help overcome the usual challenges when implementing an enterprise intranet; lack of commitment, purpose, and engagement.

An intranet governance strategy defines the purpose of the intranet and describes and answers some of the most common questions about the use of an intranet. An intranet governance strategy lays out the framework for working with the intranet, planning for outcomes and enabling decision-making. 

Our world-class support and Customer Success team are always ready to ensure that you have the best possible experience using your intranet. From monitoring the performance of your platform and collecting data, to ensuring that upgrades and new features are seamlessly implemented, you can rely on our experts to support you all the way.

Ongoing Success

All subscriptions include access to CoLab, our support and helpdesk, five days a week, during business hours CET. Our support and Customer Success team are ready to answer any questions you might have. Your support questions are tracked, and you can follow their progress and see what's being done to solve the issue. Outside business hours, you can always access our online resources to get help.

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