Colibo Quick Implementation

Quick Implementation

Forget about traditional, long-lasting intranet implementation projects. With Colibo, you can be up and running in a few weeks.

Plan & Deploy

Colibo's primary purpose and goal is to improve internal communications and the way we collaborate in organisations. The implementation process of your new intranet solution should be just as intuitive and personal as our product.

A successful intranet implementation is dependent on proper project planning. One of our consultants will advise you on which add-ons and custom features fit your needs. You are assigned a personal project manager who will kick-off the implementation of your new intranet solution. All Colibo customers go through our onboarding step-by-step with one of our technical experts in Support Team. 

You will have access to your private project space always. Use the project space to stay up-to-date on the progress of the implementation process and we continuously coordinate and manage all of your project details. 

In the model below, you get the full view of the implementation process from start and until Go-live. 


We are with you all the way

1. Project Start

Once one of our consultants have answered all the questions you might have about features, integrations, implementation, customer success and pricing, you are ready to sign your agreement and start the process of implementing your new social intranet.

Product presentation and run through special development options.

Hand over from your Colibo consultant to your personal project manager from Team Implementation.

Your personal Colibo project manager will start the implementation project for your new social intranet.

2. Preparation and start-up workshop

It all begins with a start-up workshop where we discuss the best solution for your organisation. We want you to get the most out of Colibo, so we show you the features in Colibo you didn’t know you wanted. Bring at least a project manager, design manager and IT specialists regarding your server setup, user import and login settings.

In the start up workshop we discover needs, challenges and possible solutions.

Thorough walkthrough of the server setup, the user import and user login.

Presentation of the project plan, the collaboration and a run-through of tasks for you and your IT provider.

3. Preparation for installation

Through joint start-up meetings, Colibo collects the information we need from you. We ensure progress, clarification and advice through weekly status meetings between you and Colibo's dedicated project manager.

In preparation for the installation, you must consider design and logo, user profile setup, and sign the technical installation manual.

Your technical SPOC initially has a task of collecting information and completing the installation manual and returning it to Colibo's technical SPOC, as well as setting up your server.

Colibo's Customer Success Team can help you design the platform to match your needs. We do this through workshops, ongoing dialogue and specific written instructions for your designers.

4. Installation

Let us do the dirty work. We install your Colibo and you get the finished first installation. During the implementation, your technical SPOC must be available for advice and assistance for any changes to setup that may be required for Colibo to be installed according to your wishes.

If you choose to host your Colibo intranet on premise, we will set up the solution at your organisation.

We set up configurations, make integrations for user import and set up user login for Colibo to be installed according to your wishes.

Colibo's technical SPOC is managing the process and reports on daily status meetings to Colibo's project manager.

5. Time to add your content

It is time to build your intranet and add content to your intranet. It is your task to add content so the intranet has all the useful information that it needs. Colibo’s Customer Success Team can assist you in structuring your content with workshops.

Establish the intranet information hierarchy and intranet structure, so the intranet fits your organisational needs. In this phase, you determine what content should be on the intranet.

Find, educate and motivate editors to be Colibo super users. Ambassadors and editors create content and transfer old content from your previous intranet.

If you previously had an intranet, decide what content needs to be transferred to Colibo, what needs to be deleted and where you experience a gap in information.

6. Preparation for go-live

Once you have added content to your intranet, you need to prepare for a successful launch-day and further engagement of users after the launch. You can get help with the organisational roll out and to prepare for a successful launch day from Colibo’s Customer Success Team.

Make a launch plan and make sure the intranet is ready for the big roll-out in the organisation.

Create dynamic content (news articles, work groups) to make sure the intranet looks like it is already being used on the launch day.

Make sure that all configurations and layout looks the way you have decided upon.

7. You are now ready to launch your intranet

Congratulations, you're now live with a brand new social intranet!

This is where your account is handed over to our Customer Success team. You will receive information from them directly about how to keep your employees engaged and ensure high adoption rates. There are a few things you can consider already.

Create interesting content on the intranet that makes employees want to visit and engage.

Educate and engage ambassadors. They will share their enthusiasm and perspective, that will automatically affect the employees around them to use it.

Evaluating your intranet as an ongoing process is one of the best ways to keep focusing on change and improvement of your use of the intranet.

Colibo Implemenation Model

Overview of the 5 project phases

Project start
  • Phase 1: Preparation for startup workshop
  • Phase 2: Preparation for installation
  • Phase 3: Installation
  • Phase 4: Add your content
  • Phase 5: Preparation for go-live

Go live

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Continuous improvements

With Colibo, you can freely choose to host your intranet solution on your company servers or choose our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, where we host your intranet for you on secure servers. We recommend that you choose our SaaS-model, as this includes continuous improvements and updates to your intranet solution.

Colibo Implementation Process

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