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Learn about what an intranet can do for your business
Nov 20, 2019 1:45:00 PM by Jesper Lykkegaard Halliday

Choosing the best intranet platform, or should we call it, choosing the right intranet platform, is not necessarily an easy task. 

Compared to other pieces of software tools or platforms that you might want to introduce to your company or team, an intranet platform typically affects the majority of your employees if not all of them. Most likely you would want your intranet platform to become the one and only company hub for information and maybe even the main entrance to all of the tools and applications that forms your entire digital workplace. You would probably also like your intranet to be able to serve and act as the primary collaboration and knowledge sharing tool and at the same time improve both employee productivity, engagement and satisfaction.

All of the above are valid but also very ambitious goals making it extremely important for you to take the intranet platform selection process very seriously.

Read the full guide: Choosing the Best Intranet Platform

A little Intranet background

Various names are being used for what we in more than two decades have called an “Intranet”. And speaking of timeline, one could argue that the concept of the intranet is way older.

When Tim Bernes-Lee invented the World Wide Web at CERN back in 1989, this was intentionally meant to be a closed loop network only to be used by and meet the demand of information sharing between scientists at the universities. There is no need to tell the story about how that all evolved.

Intraet platform

In other words, intranets have been around for quite some time and are unlikely to disappear in the near future. However, the classic, or should we call it, traditional legacy intranet as we know it “from the past” has evolved quite substantially and continues to do so. Organizations and their employees are becoming more and more digital, and the need and demand of an overarching digital workplace to structure and embrace all of your information, tools, tasks, processes and work in general has never been bigger.

Bottom line, there is very little doubt that a well designed and implemented intranet or digital workplace will improve and boost you, your team and your whole company’s productivity tremendously.

A guide to you who is in the process of choosing a new intranet platform for your business

In the following “attached” guide we try to outline the process of choosing not only the best, but more importantly, the right intranet platform for your company or organization. This 40 page guide covers everything from explaining a few key intranet concepts, how you get started defining your business case, which key requirements and features you have to consider and to how you on-board your employees when the platform has been implemented.

This is by no means meant to be seen as an exhaustive nor final and complete list of what you only need to go through in your selection process but more as an inspirational read within areas you might want to consider.

Who is this guide addressed to? 

This guide is targeted to those who are involved in the communication and IT processes for their workplace, including HR, internal communication, IT management and marketing teams.

The audience of this guide is primarily for anyone who has been put in charge of analyzing, reviewing and, in the end, down selecting an intranet vendor or software platform or anyone who is generally interested in learning more about what kind of value the right intranet platform can provide to organizations and businesses of any size and scale.

Download the 40 pages free guide: Choosing the Best Intranet Platform and learn more about the process of choosing not only the best, but more importantly, the right intranet platform for your company or organization.


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