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All of our customers have one thing in common. They want better knowledge sharing and collaboration in their organisation. Read our customer cases to learn how they have improved team collaboration with Colibo.


Collecting the company's tools in one place

Communication across the borders of 15 countries is a know challenge to most global companies. Kosan Crisplant was frustrated with the lack of knowledge sharing between departments around the world.

By implementing Colibo intranet, management frustrations have been substituted with happier employees and an optimised workflow that allows employees to focus on the most important tasks at hand.

  • 501-1,000 employees
  • Engineering & Gas Equipment
  • Live since June 2016
  • Globally based company
5,001-10,000 employees

In larger organisations, where employees don’t know all their colleagues, communication across professional groups can be challenging. This obstacle was also the case at the Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern, where they experienced employees interacting with a limited group of people in their daily work, resulting in inefficient use of collective competencies and know-how.

1,001-5,000 employees

The Municipality of Billund has centralised their administration to one location at the town hall in Grindsted. Because of the centralization, many of the employees of the municipality did not know their colleagues, as they had previously been placed in different geographical locations. It was paramount to the Municipality of Billund that their staff get to know each other to create the most productive working environment possible.

5,000-10,001 employees

At the healthcare department in the Municipality of Silkeborg, they found that the employees who were working away from the office had difficulties receiving relevant information, sharing knowledge, and communicating internally. The solution they had at the time was not very user-friendly and was, therefore, rarely used.

Esbjerg Kommune_graa_160x160.png
10,000+ employees

At the municipality of Esbjerg, there was a mission to find an intranet solution that could serve as a central digital meeting point for the employees. Various solutions had not had the effect that the municipality was looking for. The Esbjerg Municipality chose Colibo to be the company hub and team collaboration tool they had been searching for. Colibo became the replacement for an former Intranote solution, which had employees using Google to find the information they were looking for.

51 - 200 employees
Political Organisation

If you want to create a shared culture in an organisation, you need to be able to communicate and interact with all employees. In larger organisation, the central meeting point is often a digital workspace such as an intranet. However, many intranet solutions are time consuming and takes time away from other daily tasks. Min A-Kasse was therefore on the hunt for an intranet solution that was intuitive and could unite colleagues in one shared platform.

51-200 employees
Utility services

When three companies merge in to one, building a new organization is only a part of the challenge. To create a successful organization, you have to merge cultures as well. As they say: culture eats strategy. At FORS they were well aware of the importance of culture. Keep reading and you will learn how they chose to work proactively to merge the cultures of three companies.

250 - 1,000 employees
Construction & Manufacturing
Global company

As an international company, Clipper Group has offices around the globe. Each office in each country has their own unique challenges, and they themselves are experts in how to solve them. However, being part of a large organisation, many of the challenges employees around the world face during their work day are similar to the one their colleagues in other countries faces. It can therefore be very beneficial for and organisation to make sure that employees share knowledge to be more efficient.

501-1,000 employees
Engineering & Gas Equipment
Global company

With offices in 15 different countries, Kosan Crisplant is a truly global company. Communication across borders can be difficult, and at Kosan Crisplant they experienced some frustration with the lack of knowledge sharing between their offices. The lack of internal communication often resulted in employees at different offices working on the same tasks, to solve the same problems.

51-200 Employees
Housing Company

Claudia Pring, is the HR- and Communications Consultant at FAB, a modern and proactive housing company, with 130 employees spreading throughout Funen. FAB is managing nearly 9000 homes.

Claudia has worked as a Communications Consultant in her consulting firm and larger private companies in the energy sector in Denmark. Based on her experience, she quickly saw the need for better internal knowledge sharing and the opportunity to position FAB as a modern housing company that puts both customers and employees at the centre.

As FAB experienced increasing growth, the challenge of internal communication became more and more visible. Among other things, they experienced that many employees had limited knowledge about each other and their working procedures. Therefore, FAB could not be sure that knowledge was shared optimally.

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    The efficiency has increased significantly since we launched our new intranet. We have gained a comprehensive information portal that is dynamic, easily accessible and saves employees a significant amount of unnecessary work

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